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Children's Summer Reading Program


Every Hero Has A Story @ Cary Library

Kids Age 0 - entering Grade 5

June 1st - September 5th

Every Hero Has A Story is sponsored by The Friends of Cary Memorial Library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Kids ages 0 – pre-Kindergarten:

Reading preparation begins BEFORE your child starts school — it begins at birth! There are five early literacy practices that every child needs to get ready to read, listen and write. This program is designed to encourage parents and caregivers to engage in these early literacy practices with your child all while exploring art, science, math, and more! Get ready to talk, sing, read, write, and play! Register your child for the summer reading program and you will receive your challenge board. Once you have completed each square on the board with your child, return it to the library and you may choose a free book to add to your home library!

Download your Challenge Board
Download Activity Cards for kids ages 0 - 2
Download Activity Cards for kids ages 3 - 5

Kids entering Kindergarten – Grade 5:

Children whose families spend time reading grow up to be avid readers. Our goal is to motivate you to read on your own or with your family for at least fifteen minutes every day this summer. Register for the summer reading program and you will receive your reading log. Each time that you read for 15 minutes (or are read to for 15 minutes) you may color in one of the small squares on the log. Once you have filled in the entire rectangle, you will have read for 10 hours. Get your parent or guardian to sign your log and you can come in and pick out a prize!

What can I read?
You may read any books or magazines you choose, in any language you choose. They do not have to be from the Library. Reading aloud to a friend or family member, listening to audio books, or listening to someone read to you also counts.

Keep track of the time you spend reading on your paper log. Each time you complete 10 hours of reading (that’s 600 minutes!), you may choose book from the prize cart in the Children’s Room at Cary Library.

Download your Summer Reading Log

READING CHALLENGE for Grades 4 & 5

Take the Reading Challenge! Read one book in each of ten different genres, bring your completed Reading Challenge log to Cary Library, answer a few questions about the books you’ve read, and you’ll receive a special prize. We’ll also add your name to our Reading Challenge Wall of Fame!

Download your Reading Challenge Reading Log (includes the genre definitions)

You must read a total of 10 books. Books that meet the requirements of more than one genre (example: a biography of David Ortiz) may only be used for one genre.

Genre definitions for the Reading Challenge:

  • BIOGRAPHY OR AUTOBIOGRAPHY - A true account of someone’s life, or part of that life. An autobiography is a person’s own account of his or her life. If you choose a collective biography, containing information on many people, you must read the entire book.
  • FANTASY - A fictional story in which magic or the supernatural causes impossible events to occur, in our own world, or in an imaginary world.
  • FOLKLORE OR FAIRY TALE - A story based on legend, myth, or oral tradition.
  • GRAPHIC NOVEL - Book-length fiction or non-fiction in comic-strip format.
  • HISTORICAL FICTION - A realistic fictional story set in the past, which portrays a time period or historical event. (Time travel into the past is Fantasy, not Historical Fiction.)
  • HISTORY (NON-FICTION) - A factual account of past events.
  • MYSTERY - A fictional story in which a character or characters try to solve a crime or puzzling event.
  • POETRY COLLECTION OR NOVEL IN VERSE - A collection of poems, or a novel-length story told in verse.
  • REALISTIC FICTION - A fictional story about contemporary kids, their problems, and their relationships with families and friends. The author writes about his or her own time period.
  • SCIENCE (NON-FICTION) - A book with factual information about the physical or natural world, gained through observation and experimentation.
  • SCIENCE FICTION - A fictional story about a future made possible by scientific or technological advances.
  • SPORTS (FICTION- OR NON-FICTION) - A sports-themed book

Special Events

There will be all sorts of special events and activities happening at Cary Library this summer for kids of all ages.  Check out our programs page, print a copy of our program brochure, or stop by Cary Library for more information.

Recommended Summer Reading Lists

These lists were created collaboratively by the librarians at the Lexington elementary schools and the children's librarians of Cary Memorial Library.

Download your Recommended Summer Reading List:

Can't decide what books to read, stop by and chat with one of our staff and we'll be happy to help you find just the right book. In the mean time, take a look at some of the highlighted selections below.

Selections from the Summer Reading List- Grades K - 1

Selections from the Summer Reading List- Grades 2 - 3

Selections from the Summer Reading List- Grades 4 - 6