Spaces & Technology

You want a library with quiet space to read, write, and think, as well as space to talk, laugh, and learn together. Your gift enables the Library to bring to life its newly transformed spaces in which our community can:

  • Navigate new ways of gathering information and experiment with emerging technologies
  • Improve the library experience for non-native English speakers
  • Remove barriers to services for library users
  • Make services and spaces for young people appealing and engaging


Kids Build Robots!

A crowdfunding campaign to promote tech literacy for all.
When young people work together to build and code robots, they learn teamwork, problem-solving, communication, planning, and STEM skills.

Cary Library now has one LEGO® We-Do robot kit and one LEGO® Mindstorm robot kit. Each kit includes parts to build and code different kinds of robots. With additional kits, the Library will offer kids and teens:

  • More frequent robotics classes and programs
  • More hands-on, in-depth building and coding experiences
  • Week-long intensive robotics programs for teens
  • Programs to build and experiment with wind- and solar-powered turbines

Kids learning building robots at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, Massachusettsa$5,000 will allow the Library to purchase:

  • Six LEGO® We-Do’s kits (for elementary school kids)
    • 6 * $176 = $1,056
  • Six LEGO® Mindstorm Robots kits (for tweens and teens)
    • 6 * $390 = $2,340
  • Six LEGO® power-generation kits
    • 6 * $170 = $1,020
  • Three Renewable Energy kits
    • 3 * $116 = $348
  • Three Pneumatics kits
    • 3 * $74 = $222

Kids building robots at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, MassachusettsaWill you help us reach our goal?

Raise $5,000 by June 30, 2017.

Donate at

Donations are tax-deductible.