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Teen Summer Reading Program

June 2 - August 29      Open to students entering grade 7 and up.

Get rewarded for reading! Sign up for an online reading log after June 1, and start earning prizes. 

start reading...
and keep track of the amount of time you read. You can read anything: books, magazines, and even listen to audio books. You can read silently or you can read aloud to someone else. If you are reading, it counts.

track your progress...
using your online reading log. When you have read 7 hours, you can come in to pick out a book at the Reference Desk on the main floor. Keep reading and tracking your progress through August 29th. The last day to claim your prizes is Septemer 12th.

tell us what you think...
in a review! Write a short review of the books you have read to share with other readers in the program. Each review you submit will increase your chances of winning a raffle prize.

Raffle for Reading!

Book review guidelines

1. The review must be submitted online using your summer reading program account, and set to public (these will be viewed only by library staff and other Lexington residents who are participating in the summer reading program).
2. The review must be at least 80 words and no more than 500 words in length.
3. The review must answer these questions:
    • What was the book about?
    • Did you enjoy it? Why or why not.

In addition to the weekly prizes you can earn by reading this summer, you can also be entered into a raffle drawing for anyone who has read the designated number of hours and submitted at least one book review. The more reviews you submit, the better your chances of winning.

All online reading logs must be updated by 5 PM on the day prior to the drawing to be considered for that raffle prize.

Raffle winners will be notified by email on the day of the raffle drawing. Winners must claim their prizes withn two weeks of being notified. Prizes can be cleaimed at the Reference Desk on the main floor of the library.

1st Raffle Drawing: Monday, June 30th
Must read at least 7 total hours and submit one book review

2nd Raffle Drawing: Monday, July 28th
Must read at least 14 total hours and submit one book review

3rd Raffle Drawing: Monday, August 25th
Must read at least 21 total hours and submit one book review

The more reviews you submit, the better your chances will be in the raffle drawings!