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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1872
Description Drawing of Packard-Holt farm on Lowell and North streets.

"This farm is part of the area set off to Lexington in 1799 and was formerly part of Woburn, then Burlington. For almost 200 years this land was part of the Locke Farm. There was a house on or near this spot built about 1683. The old house disappears from our records at the time the house, shown in the picture, was built - 1658. Thomas H. Packard bought the place in 1868 (1858?). (His daughter Alice married George Simonds.)

This picture was made about 1872. An itinerant artist - not uncommon as late as then - made the original picture, a pencil drawing, for which he was paid one dollar and two meals.

To this Packard Farm, on May 30, 1880, George Worthen, wife and two children came from Cambridge to spend the summer. A sickly boy and a one-year-old baby the reason. On September 30 the same year the Worthens moved to East Lexington (the house which stood at lower corner of Tower Park).

Later the Packard farm passed to one Ben Holt. While he owned it the barn burned and there were two other fires. Ben was a rough customer. One Sunday Ben asked my father to go up to the farm and see what ailed his windmill. Father went with him. The gears on the platform were okay, so with aid of a ladder father went down the well where his pump was placed. There in the well was a dead cat! Father asked Ben for a rope and bucket to get out the cat but Ben told him to pay attention to the pump - he'd get the cat. Part of the pump was broken and father agreed to get a new part and come up and put it in the following Sunday. He went up there and down the well. The dead cat was still there! And the Holt family had used the water all the week!"
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Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Packard, Thomas H.
Packard, Alice
Simonds, Alice Packard
Worthen, George E.
Holt, Ben
Search Terms Packard-Holt Farm, Lowell and North Streets
Locke Farm, North Street #79
North Street #79, Locke Farm
Subjects Houses
Farm buildings
Farm houses
Stone walls
Title Packard-Holt Farm, ca. 1872
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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