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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1880
Description The District school-house (Howard School, Scotland District), 1880.

"South Corner Woburn & Lowell Streets. Built 1853. The first school-house and the second were both on the Common - on the knoll where the ancient monument now stands. The little knoll was called School-house hill. The first erected in 1715 - the second in 1760 and was used up to 1796.
In 1796 district schools were built - one on Mason's Hill opposite Munroe Hill, one on North Hancock Street, and on Concord Avenue south of Waltham Street, and one on School Street. In 1804 the Howard School was added and in 1837 schools were built on Waltham Street opposite Vine Brook Road, and at East Lexington (the present Old Adams School).

This arrangement of district schools for all grades up to High School continued until 1890, when the present Hancock School was erected. Picture taken about 1880.

In 1880 there were 7 school-houses, the total expense of the school department was $8071 for the schools and $716 for repairs. Total $8788. Cost of teaching force at the High School was $1960 and it cost $67 to heat it. The totel enrollment in all he schools was 420. There were 8 in the graduating class at High School. There were 40 scholars in the High School, 130 at Hancock, 59 at Adams. The Howard School - the one in the picture - has 11 pupils. In the four small rural schools the pupils were all in one room for study and recitations. The school committee made many visits to the schools - and personally examined those desiring to enter High School - the examinations took 2 days. We think those were crude days and ways. Yet the committee's report for 1874 says "This is a fast age and parents seemed to be influenced by by the general hurry." "Hardly a week passes but we don not hear complaints of over-work." "If a study comes hard to a child straightaway mother petitions that he give up that study." No doubt such things occur today. But what would our modern parent say if he read in our present School Committee's report this extract from their report of 1877: "If parents fully realized how much time their children lose by mis-spent evenings and novel reading they would keep them at home evenings and not allow them to read exciting stories while attending school." And what would that School Committee say to the radio, movies, and automobile?
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Title District School-house (Howard School, Scotland District), 1880
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