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Road to Lincoln MA where Paul Revere was captured, 1898 "About 1932 the Saturday Evening Post published a large cartoon showing Paul Revere on the road to Concord and surrounded by hot-dog stands, fried clam resorts and such. It sort of hurt for the only sign-board in the picture was "Lexington." You all know the high road from Lexington to Concord and what a mess it is. I am glad to tell you that none of those stands are in Lexington. They are in Lincoln and Concord. Lexington adopted a zoning law that in time to prevent such abominations. Lincoln doesn't care and Concord regrets its delay. Here is a picture of the spot in Lincoln where Revere was captured. Which do you prefer - this view or the mess that's there now? It's a fine example of the value of our photography work to be able to show what this spot looked like up to 25 years ago. This picture was taken in 1898."
Lantern Slides -Revere Tablet site, Lincoln MA, 1898 -Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Revere Tablet Site, Lincoln

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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