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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1937
Description Locke's Mill, North Street.

"For 200 years New England has been a great industrial centre. The great mills of Lowell, Lawrence, Fall River and New Bedford all had their humble beginnings for in colonial times much work was done in the homes or in small shops adjoining the house. Weaving, shoe-making, barrels, boxes, shingles, hats, etc. all were made in this way - and usually by hand or by water-power. Lexington had its mills - there was the Winship Mill on Brown's Brook or Sickle Brook at Bow Street. The Lawrence Mill off Watertown Street. Two mills on Hobbs Brook near Mill Street, above the Cambridge Water Basin. The Muzzey Mill and the Estabrook Mill, both on Vine Brook near Massachusetts Avenue.

In more recent years there was an organ factory on Vine Brook near Lowell Street just over the line in Burlington, the Print Works on Burlington Street, two Peat Works, one on the Great Meadow and one off Marrett Road near Bacon Street. On the flat meadow on the south side of Waltham Street beyond Marrett Road was a Rope Walk. There was a small mill on the Simonds farm by the pond for turning wagon wheel hubs, and another small wood-working mill on the Locke Farm on North Street. Both these buildings are still standing (1937). This is how it looks today. A picture to tempt any artist."
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People Locke
Search Terms Locke Farm, North Street #79
North Street #79, Locke Farm
Subjects Brooks
Historic buildings
Organ factory
Rope walk
Wood-working mill
Title Locke's Mill, North Street, 1937
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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