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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1900
Description Lexington Drum Corps and young ladies on the steps of the Old Belfry Club, ca 1900.

"Lexington Drum Corps and the young ladies, together with some of our very dear old friends who provided a nice breakfast each April 19 after the parade. These breakfasts were held at the Old Belfry Club and this picture is taken on the steps.

Persons in picture beginning in lower left-hand corner: 1. Cleora Russell, 2. William Roger Greeley, 3. Wallace Page, 4. James W. Smith, 5. J. Chester Hutchinson, 6. Frances Locke, 7. Irma Smith, 8. William H. Ballard, 9. Gertrude Smith, 10. Irving B. Pierce, 11. Harold Pierce, 12. George F. Smith, 13. Charles Hamblen, 14. Ella Tewkesbury, 15. Lester T. Redman, 16. Anna Hamblen, 17. Amy E. Taylor, 18. Edward W. Taylor, 19. Alice Hamblen, 20. Arthur F. Turner, 21. Lillian Hamilton, 22. Katherine Wiswell, 23. Gladys Vickery, 24. Irving Tuttle, 25. Sammy Hamilton, 26. Walter C. Ballard, 27. Anita Dale, 28. Francis E. Ballard, 29. Myra Fairbank, 30. Amy Morse, 31. Dorothea Greeley, 32. Zadoc Sherman, 33. Herbert M. Lawrence, 34. Allie Brown, 35. Miss Charlotte E. Smith, 36. James E. Crone, 37. Nina Steele, 38. Margaret Wiswell, 39. Louis L. Crone, 40. Edwin B. Worthen, 41. Vernon Smith, 42. Louise Downer, 43. May Bigelow, 44. John F. Turner, 45. Arthur F. Redman, 46. Unknown, 47. Austin Durkin, 48. ?, 49. Garth Batchelder, 50. Mrs. James E. Crone, 51. Mrs. Francis E. Ballard, 52. Mrs. George Z. Hamblen, 53. Herbert G. Locke, 54. Herbert Wellington"

(Cataloger's note: Narrative description includes a diagram of who's who)
Object ID Worthen.slideA14
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Ballard, Francis E.
Ballard, Francis E. (Mrs.)
Ballard, Walter C.
Ballard, William H.
Batchelder, Garth
Bigelow, May
Brown, Allie
Crone, Helen (Dooley)
Crone, James
Dale, Anita K.
Downer, Louise
Durkin, Austin
Fairbank, Myra
Greeley, Dorothea
Greeley, William Roger
Hamblen, Alice
Hamblen, Anna
Hamblen, Charles
Hamblen, George Z. (Mrs.)
Hamilton, Lillian
Hamilton, Samuel
Hutchinson, J. Chester
Lawrence, Herbert
Locke, Frances
Locke, Herbert
Morse, Amy
Page, Wallace
Peirce, Irving
Pierce, Irving
Redman, Arthur P.
Redman, Lester T.
Russell, Cleora
Sherman, Zadoc
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, George F.
Smith, Gertrude
Smith, Irma B.
Smith, James W.
Smith, Vernon
Taylor, Amy Ethel
Taylor, Edward
Tewkesbury, Ella
Turner, Arthur
Turner, John F.
Tuttle, G. Irving
Vickery, Gladys
Wellington, Herbert
Wiswell, Katherine
Worthen, Edwin B., Sr.
Search Terms Lexington Drum Corps
Battle of Lexington commemorations
Old Belfry Club
Subjects Group portraits
Marching bands
Musical instruments
Parades & processions
Band uniforms
Title Lexington Drum Corps at Old Belfry Club, ca 1900
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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