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Lexington Field & Garden Club, 1892 "The oldest organization in Lexington is the Field & Garden Club, founded in 1876. Its object(ive) "care and protection of trees and shrubs in streets and public places, improvement of the Town by planting trees and shrubs, study of natural resources of the vicinity, cultivation of taste in arbor culture and horticulture and the discussion of these and kindred subjects." Theirs has been a long and honorable career. Far more has been accomplished than the citizens appreciate. The first item on their records as one to require attention was Depot Park - and they are still busy with it. Not the least interesting of their activities were the outings - to Shaker Glenn, Wachusett, Rutland, and especially the laurel outings at Wilton, New Hampshire. These last were made possible by Mr. George O. Whiting. And how Mr. Whiting loved to do it. To provide everything that all his friends might be together and have a good time. I am sure we shall never see his like again. This photograph was taken at Mount Vernon, New Hampshire, June 18, 1892, when 55 members of the Club and their friends enjoyed Mr. Whiting's hospitality. After the tramp over the laurel-covered hills they returned to the hotel for lemonade, cake and dancing. I cannot name all in the picture for some are persons connected with the hotel, and others are out-of-town guests, but in the front row, at left, sitting very square and prim is Grace Merriam, to her left and in the next row back is Emma Whiting (hat with white flowers). At her side on the edge is George Goodwin and on her other side is Emma Goodwin (round white hat); next with the side-whiskers is Reverend Irving Meredith. Over his left shoulder is Jessie Whiting. Almost in the center, wearing a spotted dress, is Anne Babcock. Over her left shoulder is Cornelius Wellington, by his side is Ned Whitman and next to him, reaching for the hat, is George Gilmore. In back, at right are Mrs. George O. Davis, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Whiting. In the lower right corner are Mary Hunt and Miss Harrington. Seated at upper left corner and leaning against the porch is Mrs. Brigham. In front of window, wearing derby hat, is Chris Hamlin. In front of him and on either side, only their faces showing, are Miss Wellington and Mrs. Peaslee. Between Ned Whitman and George Gilmore is Mrs. Charles T. West. Mr. Whiting is standing in back row, hand to hat. In front row, just above the young lady covering a yawn, is Anstis Hunt. The large man in front row is Charles W. Swan. At his right is Mr. Charles T. West and at his feet Cleora Russel - Mrs. James W. Smith. At the right of Charles Swan is a small boy, Charley Child, and directly back of him, his father and mother, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Child."
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Lexington Field & Garden Club, 1892

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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