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Lantern Slides

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Record 259/301
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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1900
Description Outing at Plum Island, 1900.

"Down and back on the electric cars.

FRONT ROW: 1. Fred Saville, 2. Mrs. May Saville, 3. John Brown, 4. Captain Charles B. Kauffman, 5. Mrs. Belle Scott, 6. Florence Kauffman, 8. Mabel Gurney, 9. George A. Warner.

BACK ROW: 10. Mrs. Sherman, 11. Mr. Albert Sherman, 12. Mrs. Kauffman, 13. Mrs. John Brown, 14. Mrs. George B. Dennett, 15. Mrs. Foster, 16. Mrs. Warner, 17. William B. Foster, 18. Ella R. Jones, 19, Mrs. Gurney, 20. George N. Gurney, 21. Mrs. Flint, 22. George B. Dennett, 23. George Flint."

(Cataloger's note: Narrative description includes numbered diagram of who's who)
Object ID Worthen.slideA4
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Brown, John
Brown, John (Mrs.)
Dennett, George B.
Dennett, George B. (Mrs.)
Flint, George
Flint (Mrs.)
Foster (Mrs.)
Foster, William B.
Gurney, George N.
Gurney, Mabel
Gurney (Mrs.)
Jones, Ella R.
Kauffman, Charles
Kauffman, Florence
Kauffman (Mrs.)
Saville, Fred
Saville, May
Scott, Belle Scott
Sherman, Albert A.
Sherman, Albert (Mrs.)
Warner, George
Warner (Mrs.)
Search Terms Plum Island MA
Subjects Group portraits
Title Outing at Plum Island, 1900
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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