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Lantern Slides

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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1887
Description Lexington High School students, 1887

"1. Chris Hamlin, 2. Willard D. Brown, 3. Larkin Harrington, 4. Peter Kenneen, 5. Edward Merriam, 6. Herbert Norris, 7. David Muzzey, 8. Florence Wing, 9. Helen Fiske, 10. Grace Goodwin, 11. Alice Hunt, 12. Alice Ballard, 13. Florence Wright, 14. blank, 15. blank, 16. Jessie Whiting, 17. J. R. Ham, 18. blank, 19. Fanny Kauffman, 20. Cora Peters, 21. Mary Fiske, 22. Mattie Childs, 23. Katie Buckley, 24. blank, 25. dick Hinchey, 26. John Darley, 27. Flora Lawrence, 28. Ada Holt, 29. Dorothy Wentworth, 30. Norman Smith, 31. Dennis Hinchey, 32. Julia Maynard, 33. Dan Callahan, 34. Annie Hadley, 35. Kate Hinchey, 36. blank, 37. Fred Prescott, 38. Ed Smith, 39. Ellsworth Pierce, 40. Carl Worthen, 41. Joseph Fiske, 42. Dick Berry, 43. Ernest Kauffman"

(Cataloger's note: Narrative description includes numbered diagram of who's who.)
Object ID Worthen.slideS5
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Ballard, Alice
Berry, Dick
Brown, Willard D.
Buckley, Kate
Callahan, Dan
Childs, Mattie
Darley, John
Fiske, Joseph
Fiske, Mary
Fiske, Helen Fowle
Goodwin, Grace
Hadley, Annie
Ham, J. R.
Hamlin, Chris
Harrington, Larkin
Hinchey, Dennis
Hinchey, Kate
Hinchey, Richard
Holt, Ada
Hunt, Alice
Kauffman, Ernest
Kauffman, Fanny
Kenneen, Pater
Lawrence, Flora
Maynard, Julia
Merriam, Edward
Muzzey, David W.
Norris, Herbert
Peters, Cora
Pierce, Ellsworth
Prescott, Fred
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Norman
Wentworth, Dorothy
Whiting, Jesse
Worthen, Carl
Wright, Florence
Search Terms Lexington High School
Subjects High school students
Young adults
Group portraits
Title Lexington High School students, 1887
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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