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Lantern Slides

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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1888
Description Hancock School students, 1888.

"BACK ROW: 1. Harry Cutter, 2. Eugene Nourse, 3. Roscoe Ham, 4. Seth Batchelder.

SECOND ROW: 5. Edward Willis (collar), 6. blank, 7. Sadie Morse, 8. Winnie Willis, 9. Nellie White, 10., Walter Shattuck, 11. Dick Stone (cap), 12. Homer Locke, 13. Arthur Fletcher, 14. Margaret Reardon, 15. Annie Ahern, 16. Maggie Reardon.

THIRD ROW: 17. Chippy Rankin, 18. John Ballard, 19. Gertrude Carter, 20. Rose Morse, 21. Bessie Muzzey, 22. Mary Hunt, 23. Charles Rogers, 24. Annie Brown, 25. Otis Jackson, 26. Nellie Callahan, 27. Louise Grozier.

FRONT ROW: 28. Gertrude MacPhee, 29. Theodora Robinson, 30. Marion Richardson, 31. Alice Goodwin, 32. Grace Whiting, 33. Mary Wooster, 34. Curtis Cutler (no hair), 35. Albert Fitch, 36. William Hunt, 37. Fred Lord, 38. Chris Ryan (bat), 39. Charley Wolcott"

(Cataloger's note: Narrative description includes numbered diagram of who's who.)
Object ID Worthen.slideS6
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Ahearn, Annie
Ballard, John
Batchelder, Seth
Brown, Annie
Callahan, Nellie
Carter, Gertrude
Cutler, Curtis
Cutter, Harry
Fitch, Albert
Fletcher, Arthur
Goodwin, Alice
Grozier, Louise
Ham, Roscoe
Hunt, Mary
Hunt, William
Jackson, Otis
Locke, Homer
Lord, Fred
MacPhee, Gertrude
Morse, Rose
Morse, Sadie
Muzzey, Bessie
Nourse, Eugene
Rankin, Charles "Chippy"
Reardon, Margaret
Reardon, Margaret
Richardson, Marion
Robinson, Theodora
Rogers, Charles
Ryan, Chris
Shattuck, Walter
Stone, Dick
White, Nellie
Whiting, Grace
Willis, Edward
Willis, Winnie
Wolcott, Charlie
Wooster, Mary
Search Terms Hancock School
Subjects Young adults
Group portraits
Title Hancock School students, 1888
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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