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Lexington High School graduating class, 1897. "This brings us down to more recent times - only 40 years ago [1937]. I do not know whether this class marked the passing of the old era or the beginning of a new era - but it certainly marked something. There had been sickness and changes in the teaching force and a change, satisfactory to the class at least, in the School Committee. The class devoted considerable of its energies during the four years to having a good time - both in school and out. In that it made a record equalled by no succeeding class. There were 17 (16?) to graduate and that was a record too, for the class of 1893 had but 11 to graduate and the class of 1894 had 6. It served notice to the Town that a new high school couldn't be put off indefinitely. The young people in the class are: IN FRONT AT LEFT: Bertha Wright, Constance Willard, Fanny Tower, Hattie French, Gertrude Dacy (Mrs. Mara). IN MIDDLE: Ethel Cox (Mrs. Steele), Edith Cox (Mrs. Edward Hutchinson), Amy Taylor. REAR AT LEFT ON POST: George E. Foster, Edward Wheaton, Alice Woodward, Molly Doran, Arthur Redman, Bessie Buckley, Edwin Worthen, Louis L. Crone"
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Lexington High School graduating class, 1897

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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