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Record 248/746
Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Description Prints of Lexington elementary school students.
1. Print, unidentified elementary school students, no date. (Note: This photo is pasted back to back with cyanotype Worthen.18.141.021; both are stored here in folder Worthen.18.142.)
2. Print, Franklin School students, no date. (Same image as Worthen.slide204.)
3. Print, Hancock School students, early 1880s. (Same image as Worthen.slideS10.) On verso: "Hancock School: Waltham St. (opposite what is today the Franks house, S. corner of Vine Brook Road). Picture taken in the early 1880's. School burned 1890. (It was built in 1852.) School stood well back from the street, toward the back of the lot." One of the children is thought to be Arthur Tucker.
4. Print, Adams School Grade 3, circa 1915-1920. Name of Arthur C. Lowe is written on verso.
5. Print, Hancock School fourth grade students in colonial dress, teacher Marion White, on a visit to the Children's museum, April 1953. Photo by Gordon N. Converse, DO NOT REPRODUCE
6. Print, Hancock School seventh grade class officers, 1925. Back, L-R: Edwin Worthen, Jr. and Arthur Ames, both of Munroe. Front. L-R: Geraldine Denison and Dorothy Davis, both of Hancock.
7. 8. Print and verso, seventh grade, combined Munroe, Hancock, and Parke schools, taken at foot of Belfry Hill, Hancock School, 1925. Many students identified on verso; see scan of verso for names.
9, 10. Print and ID list, Scotland School students circa 1885-1895, three copies; see scan of ID list for names.
11. Cabinet card, Adams School. (See also Worthen.slideS9.) On verso: "Mr. S. Peabody, No. 2, E. Lexington... Howard Munroe, top left. Dorothy Wentworth at top right."
12. Cabinet card, Adams School students circa 1888-89. On verso, "C. H. Lowe."
13. Cabinet card, Adams School students circa 1897-98. (See Worthen.slideS8 for names.) On verso: "E. J. Worthen (back row, 2nd from left.)
Year Range from 1926
Year range to 1929
Object ID Worthen.18.142.003.M
Object Name Print, Photographic
People Amaru, Frank
Ames, Arthur
Armstrong, Arthur
Briggs, Betty
Bullard, Harold
Burke, D.
Butterfield, Bob
Cassidy, Mary
Dailey, Benjamin
Dailey, Francis
Davis, Dorothy
Denison, Geraldine
Denison, Gerry
Duffy, Henry
Fessenden, Ernest
Fitzgerald, Jack
Hall, Harold
Heath, Donald
Hood, Owen
Jackson, Leroy
Johnson, Katherine
Kilgour, Alice
Lichtenburg, John
Lichtenburg, Steve
Locke, Edna
Locke, Henrietta
Lowe, Arthur C.
Lowe, C. H.
Munroe, Howard
Peabody, S.
Pero, Edson
Powell, Dick
Reynolds, Mabel
Robinson, Florence
Rudd, Dot
Rupert, George
Smith, Katherine
Snelling, Lillian
Spellman, Walter
Spencer, Charles
Spencer, Frank
Spencer, Mary
Stockbridge, Ruth
Teele, Olive
Thaxter, Agnes
Tucker, Arthur
Welton, Claude
Wentworth, Dorothy
Whilton, Flora
White, Marian
Worthen, Edwin B., Jr.
Worthen, Eleanor
Wrightington, Dana
Search Terms Adams School
Franklin School
Hancock School
Munroe School
Waltham Street
Title Lexington elementary school students
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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