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Record 257/746
Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Description Album, portraits of various people, late 1800s. The origin of the album is unknown but because the first three photos are of the husband, father, and mother of Alice Hastings (Butters) Locke, it seems likely that she was the original owner of the album.

Names on the pages are as follows:
01. Errol H. Locke (photo is missing)
02. Charles A. Butters
03. Sarah A. Butters
04. Charlie A. Butters (photo missing)
05. Winthrop W. Locke (photo missing)
06. General Goddard Locke (photo missing)
[empty, unlabeled page]
07. Alice H. Locke (photo missing)
08. Alonzo E. Locke (photo missing)
09. Benjamin Tenney
[empty, unlabeled page]
10. Foster Sherburne
11. Maud Tenney Sherburne
12. Jack Tenney
13. Frank Tenney
14. John Viles
15. John Viles Sr.
[blank, unlabeled page]
16. John Hudson
17. Mrs. Charles Hudson
18. Mr. Charles Hudson
19. Carlton A. Staples
20. Priscilla Staples
21. Martha Whitman
[blank, unlabeled page]
22. Elizabeth Russell
23. Edmund W. Russell
24. James Floyd Russell
25. May L. Russell
26. Josephine Fowle
27. Fannie Russell Fowle
28. Mrs. Barnard
29. Mr. Joe Barnard
30. (unidentified man)
31. Sue Kidder
32. Mrs. Gen. Dudley
33. Gen. Dudley
34. Errol W. Locke (photo missing)
35. Jack Tenney
36. Seven women - Mary Hudson, Martha Whitman, Annie[?] Muzzey, Louise Butters, Emma Wilder, unidentified, E__ Babson (tintype)

37. Four tiny portraits on a sheet of paper - Maud Tenney, Alice Butters (Sherburne), Emma Whiting (Davis), Sylvia Reed (Brown)

38. Small photo of six unidentified women sitting on a porch, no date.

This is a folder-level record in Series 18. Lexington People.
Object ID Worthen.18.143
Object Name Album, Photograph
People Babson, E.
Barnard, Joe
Barnard (Mrs.)
Brown, Sylvia Reed
Butters, Alice
Butters, Charles A.
Butters, Charlie A.
Butters, Louise
Butters, Sarah A.
Davis, Emma Whiting
Dudley (Mrs.)
Fowle, Fannie Russell
Fowle, Josephine
Hudson, Charles
Hudson, Frances H.
Hudson, John
Hudson, Mary
Kidder, Sue
Locke, Alonzo E.
Locke, Clayton Goddard
Locke, Errol H.
Locke, Errol W.
Locke, Winthrop W.
Muzzey, Annie
Reed, Sylvia
Russell, Edmund W.
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Fannie
Russell, James Floyd
Russell, May L.
Sherburne, Alice
Sherburne, Foster
Sherburne, Maud Tenney
Staples, Carlton A.
Staples, Priscilla
Tenney, Benjamin
Tenney, Frank
Tenney, Jack
Tenney, Maud
Viles, John
Viles, John, Sr.
Whiting, Emma
Whitman, Martha
Wilder, Emma
Title Album, portraits of various people
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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