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Sixteen prints and negatives that detail the moving of two Massachusetts Avenue houses, February 1941. First the Doran House was moved to Vine Brook Road; this made room to move the main portion of the Valentine house to Vine Brook Road. Notes on verso give the details: 1. Moving of Doran house, taken from Lombard (Gardner) house on Vine Brook Road. Valentine house in distance. Doran house originally stood on [Massachusetts] Ave., but when Lubritorium was added to garage [presumably Viano's Garage] it was moved back, but still facing the Ave. 2. Doran house approaching new foundation on Vine Brook Road. 3. Main portion of Valentine house being moved. Has reached the spot where the Doran house left. 4. What remains behind of the Valentine house; the rear portion. 4a. Rear ell of Valentine house; taken from Vine Brook Road, at the end of the "apartment lot," facing Mass. Ave. [no number] Same view as (4a) but taken from road level. 5. The Valentine house coming through behind the Garage. Taken from between Pring's and Lombard's. 6. Doran house is set on its new foundation. 7. Valentine house moving forward, between the houses. 8. Valentine house reaches Vine Brook Road. 9. Same location as (8) but from a different angle. 10. Valentine house crossing the meadow; taken from in front of Ferguson's. House at right completed December 1940. Clearing along old brook bed (toward Forest St.) cut through in 1938. 11. Valentine house near end of Sherburne Road. House at extreme left (Johnson) built 1936. Second house (David) built 1937 or 1938. Third (Nelson) built early 1940. 12. Valentine house coming back down Winthrop Rd. Taken from top of Winthrop Rd. at hydrant. Houses, extreme R to Left: Harrington (Hall), Maddison, Rouse. 13. The new foundation ready. Taken from 3rd floor bedroom side window. [no number] Same as (13) but different light conditions. Toward Vine Brook Rd., corner of Sherburne Rd. 14. Valentine house going down Vine Brook Rd., approaching lot, as taken from head of street. Hall garage at left. 15. House gradually being turned onto foundation. 16. House finally at rest. Taken from Sherburne Rd. Hurlbutt house in background.
Photographs -Moving of the Doran and Valentine houses, 1941 -Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Moving of the Doran and Valentine houses, 1941

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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