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Record 720/746
Eleven prints and negatives, Park Drive, December 3, 1960. Notes on verso: 1. Park Drive at Waltham Street from across Waltham St. 2. Park Drive from Waltham Street, taken just beyond Park Drive entrance. 3. Park Drive. From back of and 1/2 way between "Murphy" house and Christian Science Church. Shows Muzzey Street entrance. 4. Park Drive. Taken from along side of H. Jackson's greenhouses. 5. Park Drive. Showing where Clarke Street comes in, and end of Toilet [sic] Building. 6. Park Drive. From the old "Pageant Road" location, by new enclosed field, looking across triangular intersection toward playground. 7. Park Drive. From side of road across from back of grandstand, toward Hayden Center land at left and "Horton" house to the right. 8. Park Drive. From edge of road about at end of old cinder track, looking toward Hastings Park, and showing the road coming out into Lincoln Street. 9. At Hastings Road on head of Hastings Park, looking down the park, toward Park Drive. 10. On Lincoln Street, about opposite end (present end) of Worthen Road, and just above Ethel Tenney's house, looking up Lincoln Street. 11. From corner of Hastings Road and Lincoln Street, looking down Lincoln Street before changes. Hastings Park on left.
Photographs -Park Drive -Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Park Drive at Waltham Street, 1960

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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