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Record 314/2271
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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date 1925
Abstract Manuscript, printed pamphlet listing all committees and their respective members, for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington.
Object ID Worthen.05.07.145
Object Name Manuscript
People Ball, Fred C.
Ballard, Walter C.
Ballard, William H.
Blake, Charles M.
Blake, Hallie C.
Briggs, George E.
Brown, Leroy
Brown, Willard D.
Buck, J. Jerauld
Calder, John
Catus, Gladys
Child, Edward
Childs, Calvin S.
Clapp, Robert P.
Collins, James
Cook, Mabel P.
Cotton, Joseph R.
Crone, Louis L.
Custance, Theodore
Dane, Frank S.
Duffy, J. Henry (Mrs.)
Eaton, W. R. S.
Emery, Frederick L.
Garrity, John J.
Gilmore, George
Glynn, C. Edward
Greeley, William Roger
Hadley, Charles E.
Hamlin, Stephen F.
Hammer, Alexander
Harrington, George D.
Hayden, J. Willard, Jr.
Hill, Converse
Hill, Willard C.
Houghton, Randall B.
Hutchinson, J. Chester
Kettell, Russell Hawes
Kimball, Edward W.
Kimball, Franklin R. (Mrs.)
Kraetzer, Eugene
Lamont, Harold B.
Lawrence, Charles
Lee, Harry J. (Mrs.)
Locke, Errol H.
MacAlpine, G. S.
Mara, Edward H.
Merriam, Edward
Merriam, Robert C.
Milne, William D. (Mrs.)
Mulliken, William E.
Murphy, David F.
Newell, Alice
Nichols, H. S. O. (Mrs.)
Parker, Charles L.
Peirce, Alfred
Peirce, Irving B.
Pierce, Frank D.
Preston, Elwyn G.
Ready, Frank
Redman, Lester T.
Reed, G. W.
Rudd, Charles H.
Russell, Galen
Ryan, Chris
Saul, Herbert W.
Schafer, Chester
Seaver, Henry L.
Seaver, Minnie
Servilla, Charlotte
Shaw, Elsie
Slocombe, Edwin M.
Smith, James Stuart
Smith, James W.
Spaulding, Charles
Sprague, Clarence C.
Stevens, Edwin C.
Stone, Edward C.
Stone, Hewlett
Taft, Fletcher
Taylor, Edward W.
Tilton, Josiah Odin
Tupper, Hugh
Walsh, James J.
Webster, Fordham
Webster, Hollis
Webster, J. Rowe (Mrs.)
Wheeler, Harry A.
Whiting, Hazel
Whitney, Robert
Worthen, Edwin B., Sr.
Wrightington, Sidney S. R.
Young, William F.
Search Terms Battle of Lexington Sesquicentennial, 1925
Subjects Pageants
Parades & processions
Title Pamphlet listing all committees and their members, 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington.
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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