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Record 1146/2271
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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Abstract Journal of Club business, Wahtapah Canoe Club, 1902-1914

A journal kept by various Club members documenting the activities of the Wahtapah Canoe Club from 1902 to 1914. Includes:

1. "Preliminary notice," pages 1-2. An invitation sent to a select group of individuals. Notifies potential members about the first meeting (meeting of association) of the W.C.C., where by-laws will be adopted and officers will be elected.

2. "Agreement of Association," pages 3-4. Lays out the purpose of the W.C.C.

3. "Wahtapah Canoe Club," pages 5-7. Meeting minutes for the first meeting (meeting of association).

4. "By Laws of W.C.C.," pages 8-23. Lays out the by-laws of the W.C.C. Includes: (I)Name and Object, (II)Officers, (III)Committees, (IV)Duties of Officers and Committees, (V)Quorum, (VI)Membership, (VII)Dues, (VIII)Discipline, (IX)Nominating Committee, (X)Order of Business, (XI)Amendment and Repeal. Includes a list of "persons elected to membership," as well as "signatures of members other than charter members, whose names appear on original documents."

5. Annual and special meeting notes, April 6, 1903 - February 20, 1914, pages 24-46.

6. "Outside Rentals," page 128

7. Receipts and Expenditures, pages 130-137

7.25 x 8.5 inches, handwritten journal, 153 pages
Object ID Worthen.16.37.01
Object Name Journal
People Ballard, Walter C.
Ballard, William H.
Barrett, William "Bill"
Cloyes, Fred
Crone, Louis L.
Nichols, Ernest
Nichols, Howard S. O.
Osgood, Harry B.
Redman, Lester T.
Riley, Henry E.
Turner, Arthur F.
Turner, Arthur F.
Worthen, Edwin B., Sr.
Search Terms Wahtapah Canoe Club
Title Journal of Club business, Wahtapah Canoe Club, 1902-1914
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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