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Record 1438/2271
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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date 1963
Abstract Letter to the editor written by Vincent A. McCrossen, Lexington Minute Man, January 10, 1963

McCrossen writes in response to a letter written by Mr. Litwak in the January 3, 1963 issue of the Lexington Minute Man. Litwak defended schools of education, as well as the presence of guidance counselors in Lexington schools. McCrossen calls the latter positions a "disservice" and "type of treason" to students, and states that schools of education "will all be closed within 25 years." McCrossen discredits the caliber of students in schools of education. McCrossen ends his argument by stating that "only leftists" believe expensive schools are good schools, because they wish to "undermine the financial structure of town and state... to promote bankruptcy and fiscal collapse to establish socialism or worse."

2 pages, photocopied from original
Object ID Worthen.18.40A.12
Object Name Newspaper
People Litwak
McCrossen, Victor A.
Search Terms Lexington Public Schools
Subjects School administrators
Title Letter to the Editor by Vincent A. McCrossen, Lexington Minute Man, January 10, 1963
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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