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Record 1456/2271
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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date 1968
Abstract Letters to the editor, Lexington Minute Man, March 21, 1968

Jean B. Elshtain chastises V. McCrossen for "get[ting] hung-up on syntax when issues are involved." Elshtain asks McCrossen to explain "how, and in what fashion, liberals have 'restored cannibalism on a vast scale to Africa,'" as postulated by McCrossen in his last letter. She accuses McCrossen of presenting "a conspiratorial view of history and events" and suggesting that the United States president, Supreme Court, Congress, and citizens are merely "dupes or willing tools of an evil conspiracy."

Howard F. Hamacher suggests McCrossen's words be taken with a grain of salt.

Mrs. David K. Barton chides McCrossen for criticizing the spelling and grammar of others when his is found lacking; Barton suggests that "the sloppiness of his writing reflects that of his political and philosophical thinking."

1 page, photocopied from original
Object ID Worthen.18.40A.30
Object Name Newspaper
People Barton, David K. (Mrs.)
Elshtain, Jean B.
Hamacher, Howard F.
McCrossen, Victor A.
Subjects Communism
Title Letters to the Editor, Lexington Minute Man, March 21, 1968
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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