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Call# Boston Herald Traveler
Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Summary Boston Herald Traveler, 17 issues, 1676 - 1972

August 12, 1676, [Replica historical newspaper]: "Indian Chief Shot Down Near Ancestral Home: Philip's Death Ends War"

March 8, 1770, [Replica historical newspaper]: "Troops Withdraw After 'Massacre': British Kill 5 Colonials"

April 19, 1775, [Replica historical newspaper]: "Fighting Spreads Over 6 Towns: Colonies, England at War"

June 17, 1775, [Replica historical newspaper]: Choose War Over Submission: Colonies Defy Britain

June 17, 1775, [Replica historical newspaper]: Charlestown Burns; Dr. Warren Killed: British Seize Bunker's Hill

January 1, 1776, [Replica historical newspaper]: British Repulse Attack on Quebec: Canadian Invasion Fails

July 4, 1776, [Replica historical newspaper]: Greatest Day in American History: New Nation is Born

October 19, 1781, [Replica historical newspaper]: "Lord Cornwallis Surrenders: British Army Beaten at Yorktown"

April 14, 1861, [Replica historical newspaper]: North, South at War

January 1, 1863, [Replica historical newspaper]: No Means of Enforcement: Lincoln Frees Slaves

July 7, 1863, [Replica historical newspaper]: Lee Beaten, Vicksburg Falls: Major Union Victories

November 25, 1970, Their 'Candle' Brightens 350 Years: Our Great Pilgrim Heritage

December 2, 1970, The Immortal Shakespeare

February 3, 1971, The Massachusetts Legislature: Pledged to Laws, Not Men

February 24, 1971, N.E. Authors, Poets Unique

March 3, 1971, The Underground Railroad: 100,000 'Ride' to Freedom

March 29, 1972, Most Significant Results of Revolution': Mass. Constitution Up Front
Object ID Worthen.2015
Object Name Newspaper
Pub Place Boston MA
Search Terms American Revolution
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Lexington
Battle of Concord
Subjects Newspapers
Title Boston Herald Traveler
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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