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Call# Lexington Minuteman
Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Summary Lexington Minuteman, 65 issues, 1873-1975

January 25, 1873, Short Story: "Frank Dennison's Turns"
January 27, 1883, "Annual Meeting of Woburn Conference Branch of the Woman's Board of Missions," "Arlington Improvement Association"
August 1, 1884, Lexington and East Lexington locals' news, "Our Reporter's Gatherings in Arlington"
August 20, 1886, News of Lexington and East Lexington locals (deaths, travels, gun club contest, library reopened)
April 21, 1889, "Lexington's 19th," "Terrible Bicycle Accident Which Mr. Herbert L. Norris Was the Victim," "Crescent Bicycles for 1899"
February 23, 1901, "Sunlight Party": "Washington's Birthday on the 22nd with the Annual Sunlight Party"
August 20, 1904, "News of the Week": neighbors' travels, church services and attendance, local events, locals' illnesses and recoveries
January 6, 1922, "Lexington Firemen's Ball," "Story of Fifty Years": "We wondered how many personally remember things as Mr. Worthen says they existed fifty years ago…"
November 23, 1923, "Electric Cars or Motor Busses: Which and Why" (Edwin A. Bayley), "Avenue Car Lines to Be Abandoned?"
October 10, 1924, "'Eve of the Revolution' Given First Showing in Lexington," "Lexington Council Knights of Columbus Install New Offices"
April 10, 1925, "Transportation Problem Being Given Consideration," "Lexington Ready for Biggest Celebration: 150th Anniversary of Historic Battle…"
April 17, 1925, 150th Anniversary; "President Grant Shivered in the Cold of 50 Years Ago" (100th Anniversary Retrospective)
April 24, 1925, "Lexington Parade was Finest Ever: Featured 150th Anniversary Two-Day Celebration [with visits from] Vice President of the United States, General Pershing, Governors of Several States"
May 1, 1925, "19th Celebration Over -- Everyone for Pageant: Drama of 'Lexington' Will Be a Most Ambitious Effort," "Sergeant Sullivan Will Head Police"
May 8, 1925, "'Lexington': A Pageant Drama of the American Freedom," "Pithy Pageant Points"
May 15, 1925, "Lexington Young Ladies Given Prizes in Anniversary Contest" for essays written, "Parker Field Track Should Be Widened," Ad for "Lexington: A Pageant Drama of the American Freedom"
June 26, 1925, "Pageant Ended in a Blaze of Glory," "April 19th Celebration Was Self-Supporting"
August 10, 1933, "Old Race Track Property Is Transformed Into Beautiful Estate," "Outdoor Concerts An Outstanding Artistic Success," "Bequest To the Town For Girls' Education"
August 24, 1933, "Local N.R.A. Organization Is To Be Formed At Once," "$31.50 Announced As New Tax Rate for 1933"
August 31, 1933, "Edwin Worthen, Jr. Writes from New Mexico," "Varied Program Closes Season's Playground Work," "N.R.A. Consumer Drive Opens Auspiciously Here"
July 25, 1935, "Public Works Program to Get Under Way at Once," "Town Votes Indefinite Postponement on High School Project: …$80,000 Appropriated"
August 8, 1935, "Curley Vetoes Bill to Restrict Billboards on Concord Highway," "New 16-inch Water Main Increase Pressures Throughout Town," "Alice in Wonderland at Playground Pageant"
August 15, 1935, "Finals in Town Tennis Tournaments…", "Playground Actors and Actresses Present in 'Alice in Wonderland'," "Authentic Indian Trading Post"
August 17, 1935, "Byron C. Earle, Tax Collector for Many Years Passes Away Suddenly"
August 22, 1935, "Village of Lexington as it was in the Year 1873"
August 29, 1935, "Village of Lexington as it was in the Year 1873" [continued from August 22, 1935]
September 5, 1935, "Village of Lexington as it was in the Year 1873" [continued from August 29, 1935]
October 3, 1935, "Marriage Announced: Mr. and Mrs. Clair Lincoln Baker of 55 Hancock Street announce the marriage of their daughter Margaret to Robert A. Burns, Jr. of Burlington"
October 10, 1935, "Opening Night Supper Starts Old Belfry Club's 43rd Year," "Church of Our Redeemer to Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary"
October 24, 1935, "Francis Chamberlain's Motion for Indefinite Postponement Stops School House Discussion," "Rev. R. Eliot Marshall Gives Historical Sketch at Episcopal Church Anniversary"
October 31, 1935, "Federal Grants for Sewer and High School Withdrawn," "Congressman Rogers to Meet Citizens Monday"
November 7, 1935, Voting lists, tax collector campaigns, "Federal Grants on the Ballot," "Mrs. Whittemore Files Papers for Selectman.'"
November 14, 1935, "Information on Candidates for Office at Election Next Monday"
November 21, 1935, "Giroux, Clark, Scamman Win Spirited Special Election"
November 27, 1935, "Concord Plays Lexington Here in Annual Big Turkey Day Game"
February 20, 1936 , "Record of Attendance of Town Meeting Members for Past Year," "Successful Contestants for Amateur Night Announced"
February 27, 1936 , "Annual Town Election Next Monday, March 2nd: Spirited Contest for Two Members of Board of Selectmen assured. School committee only other contest."
March 5, 1936, "Clark, Ross Win Selectmen's Berths; Mrs. Putney on School Committee"
March 12, 1936, First meeting for newly elected members of Precinct 3; "Information on Articles in Town Warrant for Annual Meeting"
March 19, 1936, "Town Meeting Members Strong for Economy in Appropriations," "Brooks Overflow Meadows to Unprecedented Depth and Area"
April 23, 1936, "Vice-Pres. E.B. Worthen Shows Slides of Earlier Lexington: Historical Society features Commemoration Night with much-enjoyed talk by well-known local historian. Large crowd appreciates pictures. President William Roger Greeley presides."
September 22, 1938, "Town Slowly Recovers from Hurricane Desolation and Damage"
September 22, 1938, HURRICANE EDITION
September 29, 1938, Town Makes Rapid Recovery in Repairing Storm Damage"
August 1, 1940, "Civilian Defense Committee Holds Enlistment Rally and Parade," "Lightning Bolts Cause Three Fires," "Referendum Decisively Rejects Change in Zoning By-Laws"
May 8, 1947, Annual Town Report: General Appropriations, Future Planning
May 22, 1947, Town Report: Town Clerk's Report
January 26, 1950, "Lexington Police Tip Solves 60 Area Breaks," "Chamber of Commerce Elects Lee E. Tarbox"
April 13, 1950, "All Plans Competed for Grand Celebration," U.S. Marine Corps Band will give concert on Battle Green for anniversary. Supplement: "175th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington"
April 27, 1950, Guests of honor and speakers at parade; "April 19th Success Shows Fine Committee Work: Detailed Reports Evidence Tremendous Amount of Hard Work and Planning That Went into Five-Day Celebration"
August 16, 1951, "Natural Gas Pipeline Pushes Rapidly Through Lexington," "Dedication Exercises for Route 128 August 23"
September 24, 1953, "Special High School Section"; "Then and Now: Lexington's New Ultra-Modern High School"
November 18, 1954, "$60 Million of Protection For You, Courtesy of the Modern Minute Men"
November 18, 1954, "Courtesy of the Modern Minute Men: Security Means There'll Be Much You Won't Know"
March 10, 1955, "Proposed Legislation to Establish the Selectmen-Town Manager Form of Government"
March 10, 1955, By-laws: "Approval of Warrants… Certain Officers not to make Contracts with the Town… Revocation of Acceptance"
March 10, 1955, "Report of the High School Building Addition Committee"
March 24, 1955, "Lexington Needs More Municipal Parking Space… It is essential for the future growth of the town"
May 5, 1955, "Vote No and Prevent Building of Plastics Factory in Lexington"
February 22, 1962, "Stores open on Washington's birthday unsettles one writer, 40th anniversary party of the Lafayette Club"
November 28, 1963, "Black Friday": John F. Kennedy's death
December 30, 1971, "1971: Year of Economy, Conflict." Handwritten note: "SEE INSIDE FOR 100th Anniversary Supplement (important)"
April 17, 1975, "Events of Bicentennial span five-day weekend," preparing for President Ford's visit
April 24, 1975, Gerald Ford visits Lexington re-enactment
No date, "The Proposed New Senior High School"
Object ID Worthen.2035
Object Name Newspaper
People Ford, Gerald R.
Grant, Ulysses S.
Worthen, Edwin B., Sr.
Worthen, Edwin B., Jr.
Pub Place Lexington MA
Search Terms Lexington MA
East Lexington
Battle of Lexington commemorations
Battle of Lexington Bicentennial, 1975
Battle of Lexington Sesquicentennial, 1925
Battle of Lexington Centennial, 1875
Battle of Lexington 175th anniversary, 1950
Lexington High School
Lexington Selectmen
Subjects Newspapers
Title Lexington Minuteman
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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