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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
Worthen.2054 Magazine King's Boston Views King, Moses, 1853-1909 Boston MA 1895
Worthen.2055 Magazine Lexington and the Minuteman Worthen, Edwin B. Sr. Dansville NY 1923
Worthen.2056 Magazine Collier's, March 17, 1928   Boston MA 1928
Worthen.2000 Newspaper American Patriot     1854
Worthen.2001 Newspaper The Bee   Boston MA 1846
Worthen.2002 Newspaper Bicentennial Times   Boston MA  
Worthen.2003 Newspaper Boston Evening Globe   Boston MA  
Worthen.2004 Newspaper Boston Gazette and the Country Journal   Boston MA 1770
Worthen.2005 Newspaper Boston Daily Advertiser   Boston MA  
Worthen.2006 Newspaper Boston Evening Journal   Boston MA  
Worthen.2007 Newspaper Boston Daily Globe   Boston MA  
Worthen.2008 Newspaper Boston Daily Journal   Boston MA 1869
Worthen.2009 Newspaper Boston Daily Times   Boston MA  
Worthen.2010 Newspaper Boston Evening Gazette   Boston MA 1843
Worthen.2011 Newspaper Boston Evening Transcript   Boston MA  
Worthen.2012 Newspaper Boston Globe   Boston MA  
Worthen.2013 Newspaper Boston Herald   Boston MA  
Worthen.2014 Newspaper Boston Herald American   Boston MA 1975
Worthen.2015 Newspaper Boston Herald Traveler   Boston MA  
Worthen.2016 Newspaper Boston Journal   Boston MA 1894
Worthen.2017 Newspaper Boston Morning Journal   Boston MA 1875
Worthen.2018 Newspaper Boston Patriot and Mercantile Advertiser   Boston MA 1830
Worthen.2019 Newspaper Boston Sunday Post   Boston MA  
Worthen.2020 Newspaper Boston Traveler   Boston MA  
Worthen.2021 Newspaper Boston Traveler Home Edition   Boston MA 1933
Worthen.2022 Newspaper Boston Weekly Journal   Boston MA 1875
Worthen.2023 Newspaper Bunker Hill Aurora and Boston Mirror   Boston MA 1844
Worthen.2024 Newspaper Charleston Mercury and Morning Advertiser   Boston MA 1825
Worthen.2025 Newspaper Cherry Valley Gazette   Cherry Valley, NY 1864
Worthen.2026 Newspaper Christian Freeman and Family Visitor   Boston MA 1862
Worthen.2027 Newspaper Christian Science Monitor   Boston MA  
Worthen.2028 Newspaper Columbian Centinel   Boston MA  
Worthen.2029 Newspaper Concord Enterprise   Concord MA 1925
Worthen.2030 Newspaper Concord Freeman   Concord MA 1875
Worthen.2031 Newspaper Daily Evening Transcript   Boston MA  
Worthen.2032 Newspaper Daily Evening Traveller   Boston MA 1882
Worthen.2033 Newspaper Lexington Advertiser   Lexington MA 1869
Worthen.2034 Newspaper Lexington Independent   Lexington MA  
Worthen.2035 Newspaper Lexington Minuteman   Lexington MA  
Worthen.2036 Newspaper Lexington Times   Lexington MA  
Worthen.2037 Newspaper The Lexingtonian   Lexington MA 1882
Worthen.2038 Newspaper The Liberator   Boston MA 1859
Worthen.2039 Newspaper Massachusetts Mercury   Boston MA 1795
Worthen.2040 Newspaper Mount Vernon Herald     1799
Worthen.2041 Newspaper The Nation   New York NY 1869
Worthen.2042 Newspaper New England Farmer   Boston MA 1861
Worthen.2043 Newspaper New York Commercial   New York NY 1925
Worthen.2044 Newspaper New York Herald   New York NY 1865
Worthen.2045 Newspaper The Repertory   Boston MA 1808
Worthen.2046 Newspaper Sunday Herald Advertiser   Boston MA 1975
Worthen.2047 Newspaper Boston Journal, Supplement   Boston MA 1869
Worthen.2048 Newspaper True Flag   Boston MA 1859
Worthen.2049 Newspaper Weekly Messenger (Boston)   Boston MA 1815
Worthen.2050 Newspaper Woburn Daily Times   Woburn MA 1940
Worthen.2051 Newspaper Ye Patriot     1960
Worthen.2052 Newspaper Boston in the Revolution, Illustrated: a Souvenir for Patriotic Americans   Boston MA 1888
Worthen.2053 Newspaper Bunker Hill Centennial, Supplement to Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper   New York NY 1875

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