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About the Teen Room

Book Bingo April 19-May 19
As winter melts away, reading is here to stay. Starting on April 19th, the Teen Library Leadership Council challenges you to a month-long literature quest: a book bingo...

How it works:

  • Select one of the bingo boards – Board A, Board B, or Board C 
  • Each square on the bingo boards has a fun literary-themed challenge or activity for you to do.
  • When you have completed the activities for five squares in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), you have a bingo!

How to enter into the bingo raffle:

  • You can submit either a paper entry form or a digital one.
  • To submit a paper form, print out the specific bingo board you used (A, B or C), color the squares you have completed, and fill out the entry form on the back of the sheet, including the creative proof of completion of your favorite prompt on the bingo board. This could be a drawing, a favorite quote, a written submission, or a photo. Drop off your entry form into one of the designated book bingo envelopes at the library.
  • To submit a digital form, enter your information into the Google Form.
  • For every bingo you submit (you can submit more than one!), you will receive one ticket to be entered into a raffle for a prize. 
  • On May 19th, ten prize winners will be selected at random to receive $10 gift cards to local Lexington small businesses (your choice from our selection list).

[The Teen Library Leadership Council is a group of 7-12th graders looking to improve the experience of teens at the library by advising on library policies and by creating and managing library events for all ages, while upholding our shared values of community, enrichment, and growth. If you are interested in becoming a part of the LLC, please email the Teen Service Manager at  We welcome new members!]