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Summer Reading Program header for Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, Massachusetts

Children's Summer Reading Program

Reading Rocks! @ Cary Library

Kids Age 0 - entering Grade 5

June 16 – September 1, 2018

(last day to claim prizes is September 8, 2018)

Reading Rocks is sponsored by The Friends of Cary Memorial Library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


This summer, Cary Library is offering two ways to track your child’s summer reading! You can stick with the traditional paper logs, OR using the Beanstack online software, you can track your entire family’s reading under one account.

Already have a Beanstack account? Great! Be sure to update everyone’s grades and ages, then enroll your readers in the 2018 summer programs for which they are eligible. Not sure? Call or visit the library to avoid creating a duplicate account.

1.       Go to
2.       Scroll down the page and click on the “Register an Individual or Family” button.
3.       Create an account. This will be the primary account. Multiple readers may be registered within this account so each child’s reading can be tracked separately.
4.       The program will ask if you wish to register another adult. Click no.
5.       The program will ask if you wish to register a child. Click yes! Enter the child’s information.
6.       Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each child.

1.       Go to
2.       Scroll down and click on “Sign in Here.”
3.       Sign in.
4.       In the upper right corner of the page you’ll see which account you are currently viewing. To change to a different reader, click “Change Readers.”
5.       Click on the reader’s name to reveal a drop down menu. Click on “Edit Reader.”
6.       To update the reader’s age, click “Basic Information” and select the new age from the “Age” dropdown.
7.       To update the reader’s grade level, click “Grade Level” or scroll down to “Grade Level” in the Basic Information section and select the new grade from the “Grade Level” drop down.
8.       Repeat for any additional children.

1.       Go to
2.       Scroll down and click on “Sign in Here.”
3.       Sign in
4.       In the upper right corner of the page you’ll see which account you are currently viewing. To change to a different reader, click “Switch Readers.”
5.       Choose the reader you wish to register.
6.       You will see a list of programs your child may be eligible for. Choose the appropriate program (s) and click the “Register” button. If you are not interested in participating in one or more of the offered programs, click “Not Interested.”
7.       Repeat for any additional children.
1.       Sign into your account at
2.       In the upper right corner of the page you’ll see which account you are currently viewing. To change to a different reader, click “Switch Readers.”
3.       You will see the program (s) in which the child is registered.
4.       Click “Return to Program”
5.       Click “The Log” in the menu bar along the top of the page
6.       Click “Log Reading and Activities”
7.       Choose “minutes” or “activities” and fill in the requested information (Depending on which program your child is participating in, you may see only one option)
8.       If you are logging reading or activities for multiple children, you can easily switch between readers’ accounts by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the logging page and selecting a different reader. By selecting “All Readers” you can log minutes, events, etc., to all of your readers at once.
Children earn badges when they achieve goals or complete tasks in the reading programs. When earned, badges will appear on their account. Badges that have not yet been earned may appear grayed out.
When a prize is earned, you will be notified both within the program, and by email. Come in to the library to redeem your prize!

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Early Literacy Summer Reading Program (ages 0 - pre-Kindergarten):

Reading preparation begins BEFORE your child starts school — it begins at birth! There are five early literacy practices that every child needs to get ready to read, listen and write. This program is designed to encourage parents and caregivers to engage in these early literacy practices with your child all while exploring art, science, math, and more! Get ready to talk, sing, read, write, and play!

Track your progress on paper Challenge Boards or in your Beanstack account. For each board you complete (up to 10 boards), you may come to the library to choose a book to add to your home library!

Download your Challenge Board
Download Activity Cards for kids ages 0 - 2
Download Activity Cards for kids ages 3 - 5

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Children’s Summer Reading Program (entering Kindergarten – Grade 5):

Children whose families spend time reading grow up to be avid readers. Our goal is to motivate you to read on your own or with your family for at least fifteen minutes every day this summer. Once you have logged 10 hours, get your parent or guardian to bring you to the library and pick out a prize!

What can I read?
You may read any books or magazines you choose, in any language you choose. They do not have to be from the Library. Reading aloud to a friend or family member, listening to audio books, or listening to someone read to you also counts.

Keep track of the time you spend reading on your paper log or in your Beanstack account. Each time you complete 10 hours of reading (that’s 600 minutes!), you may choose book from the prize cart in the Children’s Room at Cary Library. You may earn up to 10 prizes this summer.

Download your Summer Reading Log

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Take the SHAKE IT UP READING CHALLENGE (entering Grades 3-5)

This is an extra special challenge for avid readers to expand their reading horizons and push themselves to read outside their comfort zones. You may do this in addition to, or in lieu of, the reading program.

Time spent reading books for the Challenge does count for the Reading Program, but a single title does not count towards more than one category of the Shake It Up challenge, even if it fits multiple criteria.

Shake up your reading with books from 7 different categories! To complete the Reading Challenge, you need to read:

  1. A work of non-fiction on a subject you don’t know much about.
  2. EITHER one novel in verse--which is a story told through poetry OR one story told epistolary style--which is story told through letters.
  3. One graphic novel. That’s a book made up of comics!
  4. A book set in a country other than the United States.
  5. A book featuring a character with a physical or cognitive disability.
  6. A book focused on music or musician, fact or fiction!
  7. A book that won EITHER the Coretta Scott King Award OR the Pura Belpé Award.

Enter the titles of the books you’ve read into the Shake It Up Challenge in your Beanstack account or on your paper log. Come to the library to post your name and the title of the book you read for each category. Read all 7 and get a special prize!

Download your Shake It Up Challenge Log

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Summer Reading Lists

Grades K - 1

Grades 2 - 3

Grades 4 - 6


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