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ChiRP! Children's Room Project with bird graphic

ChiRP! Letter

Dear Cary Community:

This is a very exciting time for the Cary Library Youth Services Department! Over the course of the next six months we will begin work on a renovation plan for our beloved Children’s Room and we’d like your family to be part of this process. The renovation project, affectionately known by staff as “ChiRP! - The Children’s Room Project,” is our opportunity to recreate our space so that it better meets the needs of today’s kids.

There are some aspects of our current space that we are committed to maintaining. Every day children run into the Children’s Room with joyful shouts of exuberant greetings (especially to the fish!).  Our children continue to be voracious readers, checking out stacks of books with wild abandon. In fact, the materials checked out in the Children’s Room make up nearly 50% of the Library’s overall circulation each year.  Rest assured that books will continue to be an important part of what makes the Cary Children’s Room so vibrant and special.

At the same time, library programming for children has changed significantly in the past two decades. No longer are children expected to be passive recipients at storytime - instead they are encouraged to be active and engaged through movement, activities, songs, and crafts.  Programs for grade school children are designed to build 21st century skills including creativity and critical thinking, digital and media literacies, problem solving, and multicultural competency. These activities require larger, flexible spaces that can change based on the programmatic needs of the day.
There’s much to think and talk about in the months to come! To that end, we will be spending the month of March gathering ideas from children, parents, grandparents, caregivers, and educators. During this time, we’re hoping that you’ll tell us more about how your family uses the Children’s Room and what you would like to see in the renovated space. There are a variety of ways to share your ideas - but you and your children are welcome to talk with a member of our staff any time you’re in the Children’s Room

Thank you for your overwhelming support of Cary Library - and thank you (in advance) for helping us create imagine a new space that is joyful, vibrant, participatory, and inclusive!

For a complete list of ways you can offer your ideas visit

Alissa Lauzon
Head of Youth Services