…brings ideas, inspiration, and innovation to Cary Library.


Your Gift at Work

Your gift enhances the Library with resources that go beyond tax dollars.

Your support enables the Library to:

  • say “Yes” to pilot projects and innovations
  • maintain vibrant collections
  • offer exciting programs for all ages and interests
  • stay at the forefront of technology
  • evolve as a key institution in the town’s cultural life

The Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. (Tax ID number 04-3462996)

Why does the Library need donations? Aren’t my taxes enough?

The Library’s total annual budget hovers around $2.6 million. Eighty-five percent of that is funded by taxes. That amount covers essentials, like building maintenance, utilities, salaries and benefits, and up to three-quarters of the collections. It doesn’t cover programs, community events, transformative technology and projects, and at least one-quarter of the collections budget. Your donations to the Foundation make all the difference between an adequate library and a library that is alive to ideas, inspiration, and innovation.

Koren Stembridge, the Library’s director, says it best: “Without the Foundation, we could turn on the lights, we could open the doors, we could answer the questions, but we couldn’t do everything else —programming, art displays, and community gatherings where people share each other’s passions and talents. That all comes from donor dollars. All of it.”

What do my dollars make possible?

  • A Lexington scientist can launch the Science Cafe series
  • A Lexington High School student’s dream of building a “Before I Die” wall can become reality
  • Staff members can propose and pilot the Fairy Tale Ball
  • Cultural groups can offer programs that uplift our whole community
  • The Library can experiment with pilot projects, like e-Books
  • The Library can meet community demand for books, films, music, magazines, and digital resources
  • Library staff can create inviting spaces enriched by the latest technologies