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Teen Library Leadership Council

The Teen Library Leadership Council is a group of 7-12th graders looking to improve the experience of teens at the library by advising on library policies and by creating and managing library events for all ages, while upholding our shared values of community, enrichment, and growth.


The LLC strives to promote a close-knit community and a network of teens in both middle school and high school. We encourage inclusive collaboration within our council as well as through our outreach to library patrons outside of the LLC.


As a group, we love to bring new activities and experiences to our community by holding various events for library patrons of all ages. We want to make these events exciting for all who attend, and we hope everyone (including us) gets to have fun! (We love FUN, we are teens after all…)


We also strive to foster growth for teens at Cary. We want to support teens and create resources that are curated by teens for teens. We aim to encourage responsibility among the young adults in our community, and through the library, help our fellow teens thrive! 

The LLC meets every 2 weeks over Zoom, and we hope to see you at our next meeting!  For more information about joining the LLC, please contact the Teen Services Manager at