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Request a Meeting Room Reservation

Any group wishing to reserve a room must have a current Group Approval form on file. 

Steps to request a room reservation:

  1. Read the Meeting Room Policy
  2. Fill out the Group Approval Request
  3. Check the Meeting Room Availability

1st Choice Meeting Date/Time:

You may reserve a room for up to 3 hours per meeting.

2nd Choice Meeting Date/Time (if 1st choice isn't available):

You may reserve a room for up to 3 hours per meeting.

Recurring Reservation Dates and Times
We limit use of our Large Meeting Room to one meeting per month for approved groups. If you'd like to schedule a recurring reservation, please enter the additional dates and times below.

If you will be using A/V equipment, our Large Meeting Room A/V training guide is available. We are also happy to provide hands-on training in advance.

Email to schedule your training.

Please note that we cannot always provide assistance during your meeting. We strongly encourage all groups to make an appointment in advance to ensure a successful meeting, especially if you would like to use the AV equipment in the Large Meeting Room.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions outlined in our Meeting Room Policy.

Click submit to enter your reservation request.