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Chinese Collection

勒星頓圖書館收藏包括有成人及兒童兩部份。為本鎮居民及在民兵 圖書館系統之華人提供繁體∕簡體書籍,中,台,港影視光碟及多種暢銷雜誌。定期更新。滿足華人在異鄉之文化及娛樂需要。

Cary Library’s Chinese collection includes materials for adults and children who live in Lexington as well as those who have a Minuteman Library Network card.

There are Chinese books in both traditional and simplified text, DVDs from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, as well as many popular magazine titles. The collection is updated regularly to meet the cultural and recreational needs of Chinese speakers in the area.

圖書 雜誌 及光碟片

Chinese Items in Cary Library