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Museum Passes

Museum passes are available to patrons (15 years and older) who live or work in Lexington or on Hanscom Air Force Base and who hold a valid library card. You need your library card number to reserve a pass (if your library card number doesn't work, call the library at 781-862-6288 ext. 84420).

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Reserving a museum pass

You may reserve a museum pass up to 60 days in advance either online, in person at the Library, or by phone. You may reserve one pass per day, two per week (Sunday through Saturday), and a total of eight passes per month.

We have three types of passes available:

  1. *New* Printable Museum Passes

    Printable Museum Pass iconMuseum passes with this icon can be printed from home or sent to an email address. After you place a reservation you will see two buttons that allow you to  print or email the pass. You can also View/Cancel Reservations to print or email a reserved pass. If you do not have access to a printer, visit the Library and staff will print the museum pass for you at no cost.  

    The library currently has these museum passes available to print at home: 

  2. Coupon passes

    Coupon passes must be picked up at our Adult Circulation desk by noon on the date of use. These coupons do not need to be returned to the library. Coupon passes may be checked out two weeks before the reserved date for use. 

    The museums that offer coupon passes include: 

  3.  Returnable passes 

    Returnable passes must be picked up from the Adult Circulation desk by noon on the day of use and returned before the library opens on the next day. Please note that passes must be picked up in advance if the Library will be closed on the day of use. 

    You may return the pass in our book drop using the case provided to you when you picked up your museum pass.  You may be fined for overdue or lost passes and missing cases.

    Passes that must be returned to the library include these museums: 

Failure to Pick Up or Cancel a Pass

Coupon and returnable museum passes must be picked up at our Adult Circulation Desk by noon. Failure to pick up or cancel passes will result in loss of access to the museum pass program for 7 days. Repeated failure to pick up or cancel passes may result in loss of access to the museum pass program.