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Gifts of Artwork Policy

Due to the enormous responsibility of owning and maintaining collections of art, the Cary Memorial Library does not actively collect in this area. The library will, from time to time, receive offers of art to be added to the library’s permanent collection and displayed within the library building. The policy below creates a framework to consider such gifts.

This policy covers two‐dimensional and three‐dimensional works of art and other objects for display, including but not limited to paintings, photographs, murals, fabric art, murals, works of sculpture, pieces of realia, and objects of historic, literary, or cultural interest.

The Director of Cary Memorial Library is authorized to receive works of art on behalf of the library. To assist in this process, the Director may establish an Art Selection Committee to consider the merits of potential gifts. Recommendations to accept artwork of significant value (in excess of $5,000) are sent to the Library Board of Trustees for approval.

Art Selection Committee: The committee will be composed of a combination of individuals (no fewer than 3) with expertise in art, and those who know and understand the library environment. The committee will include, professional artists or other members of the arts community, as well at least one member of the Board of Trustees.

Appraisals: The library cannot provide appraisals of gifts it accepts for income tax or other purposes, but will acknowledge acceptance of all gifts.

Conditions of Acceptance: The acceptance of gifts designated for public display on Library property shall be considered with attention to the ongoing cost of display, maintenance, and security, as well as suitability, including location. No guarantee is made that any gift will be permanently displayed or kept by the Library.

The library will only accept gifts of art that are made without restriction. The title of such gifts passes to the Cary Memorial Library. The library cannot be held liable if any item is destroyed, damaged or stolen. Only ordinary care in maintaining the gift can be expected. The library may exercise the option to sell any such gift and use the proceeds for any purpose appropriate to the library’s mission.

Policy approved by the Board of Library Trustees 1/20/2010
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