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Materials Donation Policy

Thank you for your interest in contributing materials to Cary Memorial Library. Before you leave any materials with us, please read the following and sign to indicate that you agree to the terms of our Collection Development Policy regarding donated materials. Exceptions to this policy must be discussed in advance with the staff member responsible for the relevant collections.

  • All donations of materials must be outright gifts and become the property of Cary Library.
  • Library staff determine which donations will be added to the collection using the criteria described in our Collection Development Policy. Full text of our Collection Development Policy is available.
  • Donations may be removed from the collection at any time due to age, damage, or lack of use. Materials removed from the collection cannot be returned to you.
  • Donations that are not added to the library’s collection may be sold, transferred to other libraries, donated to other organizations, or recycled.

I understand the Library’s Materials Donation Policy as stated above:


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Donor signature                                                                                              Date

Staff receiving the donation                                                                          


Policy Approved by Library Board of Trustees — 1/8/2020