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Privacy Policy

Your library account information is confidential.

The staff of Cary Memorial Library respects every patron's right to privacy and supports patron confidentiality as stated in the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 78, Section 7. As free and democratic institutions, libraries must protect the individual's right to have his or her reading patterns or reference questions remain a private matter. The practical ramifications of such a policy often mean that a staff member responding to an inquiry concerning a family member's or another person's reserves or circulation records is prohibited from sharing those records.

How does this affect your library visit? Please read on for frequently-asked questions concerning privacy and confidentiality issues.

Q: Can my spouse/friend/neighbor/family member pick up my reserve materials for me?
A: Yes, if you have given your library card to them.

Q: Can you tell me what items are out or overdue on the card of my child (aged 10 years or younger)?
A: Yes, if you have the child's library card.

Q: Can you tell me what items are out or overdue on the card of my child (aged 11 or older)?
A: No, but we will be happy to mail a list of those items to the card holder.

Q: If I forget my library card, can I still pick up my reserved book?
A: Yes, if you bring in some other form of identification.

Q: If my dad gives me his card and asks me to call the library to find out if there is a book on hold for him, would the library staff tell me?
A: If you have his card, we can tell you only that the book is here.

Q: If my neighbor gives me her library card and asks me to find out what books she has that are overdue, would the library staff do that for her and tell me?
A: No, but we can renew those books for her, unless one of them is on reserve for another patron, or we can mail a copy of her library record to her. We can also accept payment from you on her behalf and then mail her a receipt.

Q: Last week I requested three books for my son. We used his card, I think, but I stopped by today and all I have is my card. Can I pick up his books?
A: The books must be picked up using the card under which they were reserved.

Q: The email address in my library card record is not right, but I can't remember what our email address is. Could you check my husband's card and tell me what it is?
A: We are sorry, but the information in his patron record is confidential, but we can send out a test email to verify that the address you have given us is correct.