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Social Media Policy

Social media offers opportunities to connect with our users. The Cary Memorial Library uses various forms of social media and encourages staff to engage in responsible and productive online conversations.

These guidelines apply to the participation in Library-sponsored social media by the public and all employees of the Cary Memorial Library (CML).  Social media includes any tool for online publication and commentary.

Social Media Working Group

The Social Media Working Group, comprised of representatives from the various Library departments and a member of the library administration, will establish, update, and manage the Cary Library social media sites. The charge of this group is to:

  • Evaluate new and emerging social media platforms and make recommendations for CML participation
  • Set up and administer these sites in accordance with the CML Social Media guidelines outlined below
  • Ensure that sites are kept up to date and responsive to user needs by posting regularly
  • Maintain a consistent, positive, professional, creative, and responsive voice in these spaces
  • Work through any issues or problems associated with these evolving communications platforms

Guidelines for Content

Cary Library social media posts will:

  • Be accurate
  • Be respectful
  • Reflect the mission and vision of the Library

To protect the privacy of both public and staff, Cary Library:

  • Will not tag photos or otherwise share identifying information of any patrons appearing in posts or photos
  • Will only post full names of staff when relevant to the social media content and with that staff member’s permission

Cary Library may engage with (follow, comment, like, and share) other social media sites as appropriate. The Library will primarily follow:

  • Library-related sites
  • Authors and book-related sites
  • Town of Lexington sites and community businesses, groups, and public individuals

When interacting with the public, the Library:

  • Seeks to promote community engagement and discussion
  • Is not responsible for the content of public comments
  • Is not obligated to, but reserves the right to delete offensive, abusive, or inappropriate comments
  • Will not engage in discussion of a religious, political, or personal nature
  • Reserves the right to edit or modify any postings or comments for space or content, while retaining the intent of the original post

When interacting with the Library, the public user:

  • Is encouraged to engage in discussion with the library
  • In posting to Library social media, abides by all library policies
  • Should report offensive, abusive, or inappropriate content to the library, for review and possible removal
  • May be blocked from commenting on Library social media due to repeated offensive, abusive, or inappropriate comments, at the discretion of the Social Media Working Group
  • Should follow the library’s Rules of Behavior and Internet Use policies

Copyright, Public Records, and Intellectual Property

Cary Library will respect copyright and public records laws. We will only use social media that is compliant with public records law. Library social media sites are subject to applicable public records laws and are retained as per the Town of Lexington’s Social Media Policies and Procedures. Any content maintained in Library social media is a public record, including all comments and messages exchanged with Cary Memorial Library. The Library is responsible for responding completely and accurately to any public records request for social media content.

Content created for social media is the property of the Library. The Library’s intellectual property may be shared or promoted to other accounts from Library accounts by sharing or liking content as appropriate to each media platform.

Policy Approved by Library Board of Trustees 7/25/2016
Revision Approved by Library Board of Trustees 9/5/2018