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Suggest a Program: Adult

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program at Cary Library!

In an effort to support community interests and showcase local talents, the Library welcomes applications from members of the public interested in presenting programs at Cary Library.  

Programs should be the presenter’s original content and reflect topics of interest to the community. All programs must be offered free of charge to the public. Fundraising and advertising is not allowed in the library. Please submit proposals at least four to six weeks before the proposed program date. Library staff will review all submissions and be in touch. The decision of the staff is final. 

Tell your reader what they will see, hear, or do at the program and why they would want to attend. Describe your program in one or two paragraphs.
Please submit a brief biographical statement of the program presenter. Include accomplishments, education, employment, licenses, etc. that you feel qualify the presenter for the above proposed program. The library staff may use this biographical statement to introduce the program.


Cary Library’s Mission is to ignite curiosity, engage minds, and connect our community.

I agree not to apply for any grants or partner with other organizations in support of this project
until I consult with library staff.