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Summer Learning 2020 header: Find Your Magic - Teens

Teens - Find Your Magic with Cary Library!

Summertime is both a great time to explore new things that you may not have had time to try during the school year, as well as the perfect chance to dig deeper into areas you already know interest you. With that in mind, we developed our 2020 Summer Learning Program Teens - Find Your Magic! This program is way more than just a ‘summer reading program’.  It is full of fun activities to keep you reading, yes, but also writing, creating, learning, exploring, and staying active all summer long. 
The program is comprised of seven different badges (READ, CREATE, WRITE, MOVE &DO, LISTEN & WATCH, GET TO KNOW LEXINGTON, and EXPLORE BEYOND). Each badge entails twelve different suggested activities. Complete any seven of those activities to earn that particular badge and the prize that comes with it! Badges can be completed in any order, so start with what interests you most. You can also hop around and do activities from different badges in any order you wish. There are no set rules as to the order that you do the activities. They are there to provide you with lots of different options for staying engaged all summer long.
The program begins on July 1 and runs through August 31st. The last day to claim teen prizes is Saturday, September 19, 2020. Remember that if you have any questions about the program, you can always contact the Teen Room by emailing
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Teens - Find Your Magic! is generously sponsored by The Friends of Cary Memorial Library


Beanstack is the online tracker we use for reading and learning programs here at Cary Library, and you’ll find it at

If you have ever participated in a summer reading or learning program at Cary Library, you already have a Beanstack account! To participate in the teen program, you must update your grade and age in Beanstack.  Once you have done so, (and you are listed as entering grades 6-12), you will be able to enroll in the 2020 Teen Summer Learning program.  If you are not sure if you already have a Beanstack account, click “Sign In” and then “Recover Username” using your email to avoid creating a duplicate account. Cary Library staff can also help you determine if you already have an account. 

We created a video tutorial for an introduction to using Beanstack for the first time. It can also be a good refresher if you can’t remember how it all works. (Last summer was a long time ago…)

Library staff will be holding virtual help sessions through July 1 for those who would like one on one help with registration. Check our Program Calendar for specific dates and times.  After that, please email the Teen Librarian at to set up a time for us to help you. 

Getting Started with Beanstack

  1. Start by going to
  2. Scroll down the page and click on the “Register an Individual or Family” button.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account. Multiple readers may be registered within the same account so each family member’s activities can be tracked separately.

When entering information, be sure to include the grade each person will be entering in the fall.  To participate in the teen program, you must be going into the 6th grade.

Registering for the Teen Summer Learning Program

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down, click on “Sign in Here”, and sign in.
  3. In the upper left corner of the page, you’ll see which account you are currently viewing. To change to a different reader, click on the reader’s name and select “Change Readers”.
  4. Choose the reader you wish to register. Returning users, click “Edit Reader” to update grade level to the grade each teen will be entering in the fall.

Logging Activities

  1. Sign into your account at
  2. In the upper left corner of the page, you’ll see which account you are currently viewing. To change to a different reader, click on the reader’s name and select “Change Readers”.
  3. You will see the program(s) for which the individual is registered.
  4. Click “Return to this Program”
  5. Click the “Activity Badges” tab to see the available badges.
  6. Click each badge to see its suggested activities.
  7. For each activity completed, click the check box or fill in the text answer as required.

Earning Badges and Prizes

Teens earn badges when they complete any seven of the twelve suggested activities. When earned, badges will appear on their account. Badges that have not yet been earned will appear grayed out. When a prize is earned, you will be notified both within the program and by email. The badge will also no longer be grey – it will be bright colors. 

Prizes will be available for pick up from July 15 to September 19. You can contact the teen librarian at to learn how to redeem your summer learning prizes.  In addition, more information will be coming soon regarding specific outdoor dates for prize browsing in late August and September if you would rather pick your prizes out in person.