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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1846
Description Poster announcing the opening of the Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad, 1846, with passengers on the railroad making stops in Cambridge and Somerville on the way to Charlestown.

"I want you to enjoy this trip to Old Lexington as much as possible so may I suggest we to Lexington by train. That should be a novel experience for many of you. We shall travel on the Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad. This line was opened in 1846 and ran from West Cambridge to Lexington Center. To get on to our local train we go to Fitchburg Station, then in Charlestown, at the end of the Warren Bridge, A train on the Fitchburg division will haul our car as far as the Brick Yards and give us a flying start onto our tracks. Here our own engine awaits us and will rush us at 20 miles an hour through West Cambridge Center now Arlington, past Brattle's Station and Cutlers (East Lexington) never hesitating at Pierces, right to Lexington.

Here is the announcement that trains are going to run. The route taken is almost exactly that [which is] now in use. At the Brick Yards where our line joins the Fitchburg, it was necessary, in those days, to wait for a main line train to come along to haul our car to Boston. This made for long delays and hurt the business of the road so much the stockholders asked the Fitchburg RR to take over this local line. As it looked as though they would get it anyway the Fitchburg declined to buy, and to their surprise the Boston & Lowell purchased this local line and laid the connecting link used up to about 10 years ago. Notice that our car is heated by 2 wood stoves, one at each end, and that our palace-like car will accommodate about 50 persons, considerably less than half the size of a modern passenger car. If you are not too tired from the trip we will get out and walk around Old Lexington."
Event Opening of Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad
Object ID Worthen.slide1
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Felton, S. M.
Search Terms Lexington and West Cambridge Passenger Railroad
Subjects Railroads
Title Poster announcing opening of Lexington and West Cambridge Railroad, 1846
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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