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Spaulding's Store, Massachusetts Avenue, 1869. "This interesting store building has a close connection with Lexington history for at least 175 years. It stood where the library bulletin board now stands. When the front part was built I cannot say but the rear part was a house, the home of William Munroe, blacksmith, one of the Minute-man. It was probably the only building in 1775 between the Common and Vine Brook on the south side of the street. A number of years ago it was moved about 100 feet down the street and became known today as George Smith's store. When he remodeled a few years ago, this ancient part - the dwelling - was torn down. In 1867 the Lexington Library Association, which had succeeded the Farmers' Library Club, gave their library which had been kept upstairs in this store to assist Mrs. (Maria Hastings) Cary in starting Cary Library. Our Assessors used a room here and I think the Selectmen met in the upstairs rooms as well. When Mr. Marshall built the Arcade Building he uncovered the foundations of William Munroe's blacksmith shop. (Josiah Meade has a store on this spot 'over a hundred years ago'.)"
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Spaulding's Store, Massachusetts Avenue

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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