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Record 158/301
Rankin House, Massachusetts Avenue, 1890. "I doubt if any of you recognize the house or its location. This is the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Depot Square where Martin's Drug Store now stands. The house was moved to Cottage Street in 1891 when the Hunt Building was built. You see that this picture was taken on a 19th of April, 1890 I think, but how the photographer managed to collect so many of our notables in so unconventional a grouping is a mystery to me. 1st. of right is Charles Childs, father of Major Childs of Childs Doughnuts; 2nd, Charles Rankin-Civil War veteran who occupied the house. 3rd, His son Charles or "Chippy." 4th, Arthur Fletcher. 5th, Charles H. Franks-Chief of Police. 6th, Patrick F. Dacey. 7th, Webster Smith. 8th, J. Fred Hutchinson. 9th, Ed Nourse. 10th, ? 11th, Michael O'Brien. 12th, William B. Foster. 13th, Angus McKenzie."
Lantern Slides -Rankin House, Massachusetts Avenue, April 19, 1890 -Cary Memorial Library 2016. All rights reserved.
Rankin House, April 19, 1890

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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