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Collection Edwin B. Worthen Collection
Date of photo 1885
Description Old Town Hall, 1885 or 1895.

"Town Hall, built in 1871. Stood directly opposite Waltham Street. Dedicated April 19, 1871. This was the building referred to when the banquet was held in the railroad station. This building was made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Cary. She gave $20,000 towards its construction: $10,000 for the building, $6,000 for the Library part, and $4,000 for the Memorial Lobby. Town departments moved to our new office building June 30, 1928 and the work of tearing down this old Town Hall started soon after.

The Library occupied the main part of the street floor until 1906. Above was Town Hall, and on the top floor the Masons had their quarters. On the right side was a long narrow office. From 1873 to 1895 the Lexington Savings Bank occupied a small part at the rear of this room, the remaining space being used for all the Town offices. When the Library moved out in 1906, the Town offices took over the larger space and this small room became the Police Station.

On the opposite side, at the front, was a generous sized room, called Cary Hall, used for Committee meetings, small public gatherings, and so forth.

The Lock-up was in the basement and our Town Report for 1892 states that a letter box has been placed on the outside door of the police station so that during any absence of the officer, communications may be dropped into it and have prompt attention. This picture taken in 1885 (see note, over) and you will notice that there were apparently no buildings between the Hunt Building and the Town Hall."

(Handwritten note on verso by EBW, Jr.: "The "Sherburne" or "Valentine" or "O'Connell" block between the old Town Hall & Grain Mill Alley did not exist in 1889 (map). It did exist in 1898 (fire pictures). W. Sherburne bought this lot in 1895 (built stores immediately?) Gas. Co. given okay to erect poles for electricity in 1892 on certain streets. Telephone 1894?

Therefore, this picture (slide 42) perhaps taken about 1895 instead of 1885? (pole shown in front of Town Hall and no stores yet built) And yet - though street lighting being done in 1893, utility poles appear in several photos in the LHS 1891 guidebook. In 1889 there is reference to the police using Walcott's telephone and would like one of their own. The fire dept. is so connected. Are these, then, telephone poles only?")
Object ID Worthen.slide42
Object Name Transparency, Lantern-slide
People Sherburne, Warren
Cary, Maria Hastings
Search Terms Town Hall (second, 1871-1928), Massachusetts Avenue
Subjects Banks
Detention facilities
Electric lighting
Masonic organizations
Police stations
Street lights
Telephone poles
Town buildings
Town center
Town committees
Town departments
Town halls
Town offices
Utility poles
Title Lexington Town Hall, 1885 or 1895
The Edwin B. Worthen Collection, Cary Memorial Library

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