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Cary Library exists to serve as a center of informal learning, individual growth, and recreation for the residents of Lexington. The Library expects to make a contribution to the learning process and to aid individuals in the lifelong process of appreciation and understanding of themselves, their neighbors, and the world around them.

Art Exhibits

Cary Library provides gallery space in keeping with the library’s mission to provide the Lexington community with materials, programs, and services that promote lifelong learning and cultural enrichment, free and open to all.
View our Art Exhibit Policy

Banners and Signage on Library Grounds

Thanks in part to its location in the Town Center, the Cary Memorial Library receives frequent requests to display signage or banners on the library’s building and grounds.
View our Banners and Signage on Library Grounds Policy

Bulletin Boards and Materials Distribution

Cary Library provides a limited amount of bulletin board and materials distribution space in the library for individuals and groups in the community to display civic, cultural, and educational information and announce events and services that are of general and current interest.
View our Bulletin Boards and Materials Distribution Policy.

Children's Room Rare Book Use

The Children's Room has a collection of representing the history of children’s literature and illustration. These books are accessible to all patrons during regular library hours.
View our Children's Room Rare Book Use Policy.

Children's Use of the Library

The library reminds parents that responsibility for a child’s use of library materials, regardless of format or content, lies with the parent or guardian, not the library.
View our Children's Use of the Library Policy.

Collection Development

The materials collection, one of Cary Library’s major assets, is developed and managed to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of library patrons of all ages in the Town of Lexington.
View our Collection Development Policy


Cary Library offers a limited amount of display space in the library for individuals and groups in the community that want to educate, inform, or engage the community. Display areas are not intended to be public forums for public speech and expression, but rather are intended to complement the library’s educational mission and enhance the public’s experience of the library.
View our Display Policy.

Food in the Library

For the comfort of our patrons, the Cary Library allows snack/individual portions of food in designated areas of the library.
View our Food in the Library Policy.

Gifts of Artwork

This policy covers two‐dimensional and three‐dimensional works of art and other objects for display, including but not limited to paintings, photographs, murals, fabric art, murals, works of sculpture, pieces of realia, and objects of historic, literary, or cultural interest.
View our Gifts of Artwork Policy.

Internet Use

All users of electronic information resources such as the Internet are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided.
View our Internet Policy.

Materials Donation

Thank you for your interest in contributing materials to Cary Memorial Library. Before you leave any materials with us, please read the policy and sign to indicate that you agree to the terms of our Collection Development Policy regarding donated materials.
View our Materials Donation Policy.

Library of Things

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items with the purpose of providing diverse opportunities for learning and engagement.
View our Library of Things Collection Development and Circulation Policy.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available to civic, cultural, charitable and educational groups and organizations that have a substantial connection to the Lexington community and are engaged in activities consistent with the library’s mission.
View our Meeting Rooms Policy.


The staff of Cary Library respects every patron's right to privacy and supports patron confidentiality as stated in the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 78, Section 7.
View our Privacy Policy.

Rules of Behavior

Our users can expect the library to be a clean, comfortable and welcoming place for reading, researching, studying, and attending library or community sponsored programs and meetings. To this end, the Trustees of the Cary Memorial Library have established these Rules of Behavior to ensure the rights and safety of library users and staff, and to preserve and protect the library’s materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds. 
View our Rules of Behavior.

Security Cameras

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the placement and use of digital security cameras, as well as the access and retrieval of recorded images at Cary Library. 
View our Security Camera Policy.

Social Media

Cary Library uses various forms of social media and encourages staff to engage in responsible and productive online conversations.
View our Social Media Policy.

Study Rooms

As part of its mission to provide resources that promote lifelong learning, Cary Library offers study rooms for use by members of the public.
View our Study Rooms Policy

Teen Room Usage

The Teen Room represents the Library’s intention to ensure that Lexington’s middle and high school students have a place that is safe, relaxing, and responsive to their needs and interests.
View our Teen Room Usage Policy.

Web Accessibility

As part of the Town of Lexington, Cary Library strives for accessibility for all across our website.
View the Web Accessibility Statement.